1979 MG MGB Wiring Diagram

Written By Reza (Author) on Monday, January 16, 2012 | 11:18 PM

1979 MG MGB Wiring Diagram
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The Part of 1979 MG MGB Wiring Diagram:marker lt, dir lt, blk, grn, blk, red, park lt, headlight, blk, horns, ppl-blk, blk, blk-grn, cooling fan mtrs, blk-grn, blk, headlight, blu-wht, blu-red, blk, park lt, red, blk, blk, grn, dirt lt, blk, red, marker lt, battery, blk, brn, wht-brn, starter relay, wht-red, blk, wht-red, grn-org, grn-org, starter, wht-brn, resistance, wire, wht-it-grn, coil, cooung fan thermostat, starter sol, blk, brn, brn, alternator regulator, over-drive sol, yel-ppl, yel, overdrive sw, induction htr, grn, grn, lt grn-blk, windshield washer pump.


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